Meet the Executive Board


michael goldman-brown jr. – Event Coordinator

Michael Goldman Brown Jr. is a graduate of Bloomfield Hills High School’s Class of 2018. Michael has been interested in politics from a young age and has always sought ways to involve himself in politics. After working on several campaigns, Michael decided to team up with his peers to launch Engage18. His favorite moment with the organization was cohosting the Democratic Gubernatorial Debate (Engage18’s first event) and he looks forward to what the future holds.

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zackariah farah – Event Coordinator

Zack Farah has long been concerned with the growing divisions between Americans and realized that there was no reason that he could not get involved to try to get more people informed. He is graduating high school to study biochemistry at the University of Michigan in the fall. Zack enjoys watching films, learning languages, and épée fencing.

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braden crimmins – Policy Analyst

Braden Crimmins is a senior at Bloomfield Hills High School. His contributions to Engage18 have included the creation of an amicus curiae brief and the drafting of the organizational bylaws. His main role is helping to manage the organization as a whole. In his free time, he enjoys both running and reading.

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Moraitis Debra.jpg

debra moraitis – Social Media and Public Relations

Debra Moraitis is a senior at Bloomfield Hills High School. She manages social media and public relations for the organization. Debra is extremely passionate about social justice issues, especially regarding the LGBTQ+ community. She enjoys charity work and event planning and hopes to inspire others to use their voices proactively. Outside of Engage18, Debra has a rich background in theater and public speaking as a nationally ranked communicator.

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riya doshi – Communications Manager

Riya Doshi is a senior at Bloomfield Hills High School. She has enjoyed watching the growth of Engage18 and has contributed to the running of meetings and organizing of events, including the school walkouts. Outside of her political pursuits, Riya is the Editor-in-Chief of the Bloomfield Hawkeye newspaper and is a captain of her school’s forensics team.

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