Start A Chapter


Don't have an Engage18 chapter in your area? You can start one by following these steps!


1. spread the word

While there is no minimum number of students for chapter consideration, the Board strongly recommends at least seven interested students. Start talking to students from around your area to find others who would be interested in joining an Engage18 chapter. Make sure to get students from a variety of schools and grade levels. Great places to start looking for students are government classes, debate and Model UN teams and any political school clubs. Just remember: Engage18 is nonpartisan and it is not a school club.

2. submit an application

Once you have a few interested students, you can start filling out your application which will be reviewed by the Board. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the National Bylaws before submission, as it is a requirement of your application.

Email a PDF of the completed application to

3. complete your interview

Once your application has been reviewed by the Board, you will be contacted to schedule a video conference interview. After your interview, you will be contacted by the Board as to whether or not your application has been accepted. 

After you application has been accepted, you can start to plan events and grow your chapter to get the youth of your area engaged! Events can range from debates and town halls all the way to meet and greets with local representatives and voter registration drives. You can also conduct your own polling about major political issues to provide students who cannot vote a way to express their opinions. Planning Engage18 events is your opportunity to be creative and find your own ways of solving the issue of youth voter apathy.

4. get engaged